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Who is this guy?

His histories are all wrong like  SIAMESS wrote!

Lao people seem to be so hard headed when it comes to history. So what Thai stole your land. Before it wasn't yours it belong to us. You don't see Khmer crying about it do you? Fa Ngum got the land from the Thai king anyway. We lost our land to them and then you took it from them. Then they take it back and you saying they stole your land? That doesn't make sense at all. Land doesn't belong to Laos it don't have Laos written on it. Who ever powerful enough take all. Look at Native American the Red Indians they lost their land to the white Americans. And they living together peacefully. And those Indian were treated ten times horrible then you Lao and they don't cry about it. Lao people all they do is cry and can't do anything about it.

And what you mean Lao never take other people land? Was Isaan Lao to begin with? It was ours Champassak was ours even if you deny it Vientiane was ours to even northern Thailand was ours. Just because now they speak Lao doesn't mean it's Laos. Look at central Thai they speak Thai but half of them are Us same with Laos too.

You said Lao people dont have good
relation with Thais because they burnt down your city, Kill your Kings, use you guys as slaves. Enough said right there show that Lao people are not smart people. Smart people would move on by now. One thing these generation weren't even born to witness anything. Why live in the past what does that get you? I see why Laos is so rich right now hmmm. It was your King fault anyway Anouvong is no hero. He is a power hungry freak. He didn't want to liberate Laos he wanted power but he use liberate as an excuse. But sadly he got his butt woop. And one thing he is mix Viet he not even 100% Lao.

And I said it alot time. Lao people are not the only human who got use as slaves give it up. Everyone got use as
slaves in their history. Khmer use Khmer as slaves and look we gotten over it and trying to prevent it from happening again. But instead you Lao keep bringing it up and probably want it to repeat huh that's why you never seem to forget it and try to stop it from happening again. Your people want to be slaves again?

To me no hard feeling but I don't think Luang Prabang is pretty. It's small and I can walk around there in 1hr and I am done. Thai people go there to see what you guys have not because they are into your city. Everyone go tour other people country to see what they have and how it's like not because they love it. And New York isn't safer then Thailand. Gangs are in every corner. I know your going to say Thailand too. In
New York you go into Spanish area China Town you walk out there without running into a gang then your lucky. Especially China Town they kill your ass even by looking at them.

Westerner don't get beat up by gangs in Thailand not because they are bigger. Height got nothing to do with it. Gangs aren't scared of nothing why you think they are gangs to be woos? No they are gangs because they don't give s*** about no one not even western people. If they wanted to attack they would like 20 westerner can stop them. Look at
Columbia Brazil alot tourist goes there at once 20 of them and how come they get kidnap all at once and had to stay in the jungle with those gangster? You think gangs are scared of western your joking.

Look at Phillipine their gangs abduct 30 Americans from their hotel. And wanted the Americans to bail them out for millions of dollars. You think Thailand not safe? You don't know this world then. You see any news about Americans or anyone being abducted in Thailand and ask the goverment to bail them out? Never heard of it it only happen in Indonesia, Phillipine, Columbia & Brazil, south america and North Korea.

And no westerner and their family have ever said they been dissapointed going to Thailand. They say that about Laos. They say Laos is boring and have nowhere to go. Most of Tourist in Laos aren't western. They are mostly Thai and Chinese. I think the people did change from 1900 to now. They talk different. Thai people in Bangkok now don't talk polite to people like during 1900. Now is always GOO MUENG 1900 guys call themself Deechun goo mueng only kings say it because they are the high one. And girls talk to guys is consider bad back then now girls ask guys out. I believe their society changed alot from then to now. Beside the village people they are the good one. They still know their manners and tradition. Thai in Bangkok now aren't Thai they are Thai in citizenship but not in attitude their attitude now is Farang.

You said Laos never ruled Thailand because. You guys are not Thieves and dont steal other people land. What you call the land you have now its not yours its ours Khmer. Your people are thieves. You compliment your people to much and then you get caught and then you find other way to cover Lao people up to make them look not good but great. If Lao people are so good I think all Asian wouldn't worship the buddha we will worship Lao people since they are good the best in this world.

Lao never ruled Thailand because Laos couldn't beat Thailand in any war. The only time Laos had a chance was when Fa Ngum got help from Khmer. If Laos don't have back up Laos don't stand a chance against anyone. If you say Laos never attack anyone then what do you call the war between Setha dad Pothisarat he attack Ayutthaya and failed. Ever since then
Thai and Lao been at war for 200 years it all started with Phothisarat. You said Thai kill your king. Who king haven't been kill in this world? I very feel pity for you Lao people cry over stuff that happen years years ago. Our retarded king got his dark Khmer ass kill alot time. By the Thais, Viet, Burmans even by our own Khmer people.

Thai Kings got kill by the Burmans their people got taken away become slaves. Thai girls got rape by Burman soilders. And look at Thailand now wealthy building their city their money is good tourist like them. They are not call land of smile for nothing. Lao people say they are bad because of your history with them. But Farang and Chinese Japanese like them because they been having good relationship. Look at Japs and Chinese bad relation Chinese say Japs sodiers rape their women and Japs are bad.

That sound like what you Lao are saying about the Thais. Once bad relationship you always hate them and say stuff about them even though it's past and long ago. People who forget are the wealthy one like Japan forget world war 2 Thailand forget the sacking of Ayutthaya by the Burmans. Laos still stuck in the cave man age that's why Laos is poor, bad money bad economy bad everything. Thailand got bomb during world war 2 and they fix up Bangkok pretty fast and rebuild it and now their economy is good not great but good. Why you think we Khmer are trying to refresh our relationship with them we go in their country and sell stuff and their government help us out. The past is the past who cares.

I know what Thai did to Khmer but what can we do about it nothing. All we can do is try to stop it from repeating again not sit thereand wine and cry about the past like Lao people. That's all Lao people do is talk wine nag brag. Brag about the car they brought new brag about their house they brought new nag about this that. You don't call that big head? And you say Thai are big head? Lao people in America are bigger head then Thai they leave Laos have everything here stuff they never had in Laos and they act like they are the King of the world. Their family call beg for money from Laos and they nag to them about it. They are wealthy so they forget how poor they were in Laos and treat their own family as nothing. You call that good? You say some Lao are like that you haven't seen nothing yet.

Lao people in Laos maybe not act like that because they got nothing to brag about how many Lao in Laos drive BMW or Lexus or honda they mostly drive motor bikes. You drive motor bikes here and the Lao community will look at you like your lower than dirt. Except the fact that your people are not good. Just in Laos because they are not modern they have no freedom to speak or say what they like. Let them watch what they want and see how they turn out to be. This everything they watch is under government control. Can they watch American movie or pop song or American rap? No government ban it all they even ban Lao pop music and some rock music. Bounleung my friend from online he sing rock in Laos about to have album out he pic for the cover and the government stop him from selling it. Because is rock is American style. Laos is old fashion government that's why your people isn't westernize like other asian country. Other country see and watch what they please that's why they pick up influence.

Lao got no influence their influence is communist and Lao stuff only because government don't allow western stuff in. If Laos had government like Japan or Thailand Lao girls and guys will be westernize and screw up too. Most girls in Vienchan are already there some have baby but no father. I know cause I have online friends from Laos. I like talking to anyone but if someone cover up and make their own people sound too great I think it's lame and wack those kind of people don't get out much and will never get along with anyone beside their own kind. And those kind of person could even start a war. AHEM! AHEM! There alot Lao out their who admit Laos is screw up in Viengchan and some who cover up. But people who go back to visit know better then anyone how those club girls and restaurant girls are like. Innocent in Music video but not in real life. You say Thai lie to make themself look innocent that same goes for Laos. Innocent in music video real life girls jump on you at the restaurant tank top high shorts to the butt red white hair. Thai look innocent in their movie and music video too but I know how them city Bangkok girls are. But at least Thai people admit their society has change. Not like Lao people never admit it they still think their girls are keeping the tradition alive.

Thai movie stars from back then during 1957 got interview I watch it on Thai sattelite. His name is Sombat Matinee he said Thai movie stars during his age are more mature and calm them movie stars now. Even he admit how it change from 1957 to 2005. People back then are nicer then right now. Back then Thailand you can walk around Bangkok without getting wallet taken away. It started during the refugee age when these thieves started doing it. Who know it could be the refugee people or even Isaan people. Bangkok mix of everything who know who is who. Those thieves look Isaan anyway to me small eye but dark skin and short. Thai people have round eye not small eye. When I see Isaan speak Thai I know they are Isaan because they can't get the real Thai accent out. Same goes for Lao. But if they don't talk I can't tell who is who.

You say Thai are dark. I agree some are dark and some are light. I see alot Lao dak dam too. Skinny short and dark. You want to know why Isaan guys are never hero in Thai movies. Because they are too damn short. They hardly even reach 5'6. Most of Thai hero are from the south and Central. And the hero guys are tall some them reach 6'5 like Au Nuawapon he is 6'5. Lao mens and Isaan hardly barely reach 5'8. It show who more healthier between the 2 brothers. Hong Kong movie star are tall too when they make movie with Thai star the guys are about the same height. Hong Kong star is from 5'10 to 6'5 as well. Like Ekin Cheng my Fave Hong Kong actor he is 5'11.

People get kidnapped in Thailand you can't blame the liars. You gotta blame the stupid girls for believing. They are big as a damn water buffalo and they get trick? Their mom never teach them not to talk to stranger or go with strangers? Lao girls get trick it's their own fault they are stupid to believe someone they never met. And one thing it's their own people who trick them. Like Isaan people how can you get trick unless it's the same lady or guy from your village who trick you. That's how it work. Bangkok mens don't come to Isaan and say hey I got a job for you. Its their own people Isaan people trick their own people to working. And what you call that guy from Bokeo selling his daughter for a set of TV aren't they way stupid then anything? Lao people are good eh? So good that they sell their kids for set of TV.

I know it happen in Thailand too don't say it I know what you say. When I say something about Laos you cover it up and say Thailand is worst. That's a kind of talk from someone who is arrogant and very obsess with his people. I am not being mean to you but that's what your doing right now is cover up everything about Laos when everyone know Lao people aren't good themself. Lao in America mess up, Lao in Europe mess up, Vienchan girls are mess up.

I see them Viengchan girls act just like American girls dress tank top the same to dye their hair red white I see it. They are only innocent in music video dress in Lao clothes but the real deal is them real Vieng girls are wild like hell. Good girls dance at club? Even though Lao clubs are different it's still a club. Girls shouldn't even be dancing, good girls are shy.

I am happy I got pay from my job ahhhhhh. $$$$ Even I am a money crazy freak dude. I am big head sometime too there I admit. Who isn't. I get pay every week now I can sleep tight and dream of more $$$$$$. Because I been lay off for so long ahhhhhhhhh. There are 55555555 million people in this world. And 99% of all of them were slaves and got kill or treated wrong get over it and maybe Laos will be rich someday. How can you get anywhere when your living and thinking about the past. Take JAPAN AND THAILAND for example look how they become they forgot about world war 2 and the past history war with
China Japan Thailand & Burma.

We Khmer are moving forward too, I will laugh if we become rich then Laos. Because our people died the most during the Vietnam war. And Laos hardly even die much. Our war was more bad that's why we are very poor. Laos hardly suffer Viengchan didn't even get attack Panom Pehn got the worst of it all. And we are moving on. Laos war wasn't bad and Laos haven't gotten anywhere, ours was worst and we are almost modernized. All we need to do is eliminate Hun Sen that Viet Puppet jack ass he sucks. He put down fake news about Thai actress saying Angkor was Thai and we Khmer believe and attack the Thais in Cambodia. And at the end we were the stupid one not the Thais.

Hun Sen got to go he trying to stir up stuff again between Khmer and Thai. We thought we were the right one when we attack the business own by Thais but at the end we became the stupid humiliated one. We attack for nothing now the Thai will laugh at us even more because of our stupidity. HISTORY PLEASE! I LIKE HISTORY!


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