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RE: Foreigners dissapointed about Laos !!!

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jpq1010 wrote:

laos is the biggest breath of fresh air...the pace of life ..the people ... the environment..all you do is have to get out and see the country.Forget your western standards and just go with it... i

There is no more fresh air in Laos today. It less and less every day. Polluted in every cities in Laos. The scales of the Green area has been reducing each year. The river and canals is contains of toxins. The under water is contain of high Manganese. Fresh air mixed with fresh red dust and people living in the red dust villages can coz lung proplems


I understand what you are saying ...i traveled for 8 weeks last year from houei xai all the way down champasak..mostly on small motorbikes...i avoided the tourist areas,and spent most of my time in the country side staying in small guesthouses or home stays.                                                                                                                                      i saw many things in my travels..some where magnificent,forests, rivers ,waterfalls,caves,animals ect... most of the time my girlfriend and i where the only ones there...but we also saw some things that made us sad....deforestation(huge logging trucks ripping timber from the forest) slash and burn agriculture,industrial complexes spewing black smoke,dead forest animals for sale in markets for food(even saw a small jungle cat for sale,dead,)

your country is rushing to industrialize it self, to try to catch up with the rest of the world,one cant blame Laos for this but at what cost?A balance needs to be struck, because in my opinion Laos's greatest natural resource are its people and the flora and fauna that are present in the would be a great thing for laos....people will pay to see your pristine wildlife and forest....but there needs to be some left..

I agree with you 100%. Been to the north and what I find disturbing is that when we were traveling and pass through a forest reserve area, I observed that the mountains before and after, and probably around that area have been deforested. I also saw a lot of newly cut trees at the foot of some mountains and the only left trees are those at the mountaintops.

I support your idea that Laos should preserve their natural flora and fauna, the nature's beauty because other countries have already lost theirs. Because of that more and more people are attracted to visit places where they can enjoy and experience the manificence of mother nature.  Laos only need to discove how they can better preserve these natural beauty and promote and market it to tourists. I think they have not yet  understood that eco-tourism offer a huge opportunity for their local economy. I hope they would learn it soon and take advantage of it by making bold moves to preserve the forest and other natural attractions.



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eco-tourism is the way!!....look at Costa Rica,it their major industry..they have built their economy around it,and the country is very successful.
but Laos is being romanced by China , the lure of cheap, fast, industrialization at the cost of what little natural resources Laos has to offer. Cheap timber, hydro electric power. In trade for roads,  dams and inefficient manufacturing plants that pollute the enviroment. these things  wont last because they are not built for it! i mean how much timber has china had cleared so they can plant rubber trees?
i am going back to Laos this year so i can see it again before it has changes too much.
Personally i think the Laos people would love to have an economy based on Eco-tourism because they are so attached to, and proud of the land they are from.                                                                                                                                  The Laos people are one with the forests and would be such a shame to loose it all in the name of progress! This kind of progress a short term solution wiil not last. It does not seem like the bigger picture is being adressed.

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